Wednesday, March 28, 2007

“The” Truth vs. “The” Lie

…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." John 8:32

Imagine for a moment that all the mental, emotional and spiritual anguish in life could be stopped with only one simple truth, one simple thought. Our enemy and the fallen world around us wage constant war on our souls, and it seems that once we put out one fire another flares up nearby. We feel that we need to be spiritual giants simply to tread water in this life-battle.

Can there be such a simple truth dwelling in us such that none of these fires ever gets started? Or let me turn the question around; is there also one lie, one simple lie that lets all the battles in the door? I want to explore this question in my next series so that we understand “The One Truth” and “The One Lie” that can determine the very outcome of our lives.

On September 11, 2001 I was in the Ukrainian Dept. of Religious Affairs (RA) defending my right to stay in the country against very vocal adversaries who wanted to kick me out or even worse. At the table were city officials, the director of RA, my two adversaries who were almost foaming at the mouth – literally - one other leader from our church and me. I might mention here that RA is under what we used to call the KGB. Well, I was nervous and weak because I had been fasting for a good outcome, but I was not afraid. I used to be afraid, and this was not the first time I had been summoned to this office. The first time was a few years earlier when I had learned “The One Truth”.

At the same time we began our hearing that fateful day several men were also walking through the metal detector of Boston’s Logan Airport carrying small box cutters. That one little event, passing through that detector without being detected, changed the world as we know it. Just think what would be different if we had known where these men would board their planes and what they were planning to do. It would not have taken that much to stop them. War would have been averted, NYC would still have those two towers and thousands would still be alive. I actually know several women in our Lviv, Ukraine church who could have stopped these men.

In the same way if we knew without a doubt what door, what one door, the enemy of our souls was going to enter to wreak havoc in our lives we could also easily stop him. I am neither guru nor sage, but I believe once you find the One Truth, “The” truth, your life will fundamentally change.
Now, don’t get mad at me here because I purposely intend to keep you hanging until my next post to get the answer. At first, you may be disappointed with the answer, but hopefully you will follow the One Truth as deep as it will take you.

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