Monday, April 23, 2007

More Simple Math: The Power of One

Over the last year my wife, Myra, and I have become friends with a very special person, Jane Walker. After visiting the Tondo dump in Manila last year where Jane has a miraculous ministry to the poorest of the poor Myra wrote the article that is linked here: Tondo, Philippines: Heroes of the City Dump.

I will let you read the article for yourselves, but suffice it to say that if one person can believe God to start something with nothing in the worst place in the world then what would happen if more than one would believe God for such things? True faith looks at the valley of dry bones and says God can speak life where there is nothing but death.
Ez 37
  • One is good, but two is better.
  • Addition is a sort-term solution, but multiplication of laborers for the harvest is the ultimate answer.
  • If Jane can do so much with so little what can we do with so much?

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