Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Curse of the Flying Hunting Dog

Sometimes - more often than not - the opinions of those around us just don’t hold water. In the South where I am from there is another expression for an ill-thought-out plan, argument or opinion: That dog just don’t hunt. Bad grammar and all!

As for the nonsensical title of this blog it serves two purposes: first, to get curious people to read it and second, to link common southern sense with biblical truth. The truth in question is the verse:

Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, so a curse without cause does not alight. Prov 26:2

In common English this means that an undeserved curse is like a fluttering bird that will not land, namely not land on you. It simply has no validity and should not be worried about.

Throughout our lives we will encounter people – even in the church – who try to define us by something other than God’s truth. In the worst sense people are sometimes told that they will always be a certain way, and that “way” is invariably not desirable.

It might be, “You will be a failure”, like your sibling, mother or dad, or, “God cannot use you” because of something in your past or a perceived lack of gifting. I pastor people all the time that can’t seem to dislodge these lies from their souls. These defining lies are more like curses, and they seem to be carried from one generation to another.

This post cannot encompass this subject in full, but suffice it to say that every word of man that seeks to define us in any way must measure up to the word of God. A good man at his best can only encourage and equip us, but it is God the Father who defines us.

I have personally come to the point that when someone says something unbiblical or stupid about me I am better able to quickly compare it to what God’s word says. If the person’s statement doesn't measure up I say, “Sorry, inadmissible in a court of grace.” I then forgive the person and move on. I also try to equate what they say to the photo of the dog in this post. This helps me smile about it all.

Therefore from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh; even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him in this way no longer. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor 5:16,17

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Izzy Herriette & Co. said...

Well, God is GOOD! I'm fighting a "battle" over this very thing. It's been a tough morning, tough many years, and I KNOW BETTER by the Word of GOD. The enemy is the "accuser of the brethren" and those labels can come with LOUD VOICES that can hold us into bondage; if we allow it.